Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Breakfast In India

Indian Cuisine
Pictured above is a typical early day meal in most of India. The puffed fried flat bread is Puri. Also pictured is spinach and eggs, curried potatoes and in the back right is pickled green mangoes. 
I Love Indian Cooking. It is a little bit daunting when you first look into cooking Indian food but after a little practice and some Ingredient procurement anyone can cook in the Indian style. When you learn Indian cooking all of your other cooking will Improve. This is because you will start collecting a variety of whole spices, you will both have them on hand as well as have a much stronger grasp on how to use them. Indian and Pakistani food is exotic and laced with spices. Breads and rice make up the bulk of any meal while meat is eaten very sparingly if at all. There are many different types of Indian bread. Most a flat breads made on a tawa (a flat side-less iron pan) There are such breads as puri, roti, parantha and naan. In the weeks to come I will be posting pictures recipes and tutorials on Indian cooking and I will show a lot of the tricks that great Indian chefs use to make their dishes and breads great. Check back for more Indian cooking!!!

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