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 Sure it sounds like some kind of shouted Italian profanity in a mafia movie but it is not. It is a delicious staple dish from Puerto Rico made with fried mashed plantains. It is comparable in its preparation and use to mashed potatoes.  The name sounds African and no doubt it was brought to the Caribbean by the Africans who are known for making several types of mortar and pestle smashed starchy dishes such as fufu.

 Mofungo served with Puerto Rican style pork stew and rice and beans.

Mofungo can be served all sorts of ways, stuffed with meat,  topped with shrimp and garlic sauce or served along side of fried fatty pork to name a few. It is versatile and delicious but most of all it is very easy to make and serves as the perfect accompaniment to any Puerto Rican dish.It is just another great way to enjoy plantains.

To make mofungo you will need some green plantains.It is important that they are green and unripe. If you use ripe yellow plantains it will work but you will end up with a different dish entirely.

Following is a recipe for basic mofungo. 

  • Green plantains. (one per person) 
  • Garlic
  • Salt and pepper
  • Water
  • Lard or butter for adding to the mash
  • Lard or cooking oil for frying. 
First start buy peeling the plantains. Peeling green plantains can be a  bit of a challenge but with a little practice you will be a pro in no time at all. Take a sharp knife and slice through the skin from the stem to the but on two sides. Stick your thumb into the sliced skin and carefully pull it away making sure not to pull away the meat as well.

Then slice the plantains into one inch thick long slices and fry them the same as if you were going to make toastones.

 Fry them for about five min on each side until they are turning slightly brown, then remove them and strain them on a paper towel.

Put them immediately into a bowl and begin to mash them with a potato masher or the back side of a slotted spoon. It is very important to mash them while they are still hot.

Add some salt and pepper, garlic to taste. Also add some pork fat or butter. Mash the mixture until it is coarse and holding together. Also add a bit of water as needed to make a softer finished product.

At this point it is ready to form into a ball, or push it into a small bowl to make the desired shape for serving. At this point you could stuff it with ground beef or pork, even shrimp or crab meat.

I prepare each serving and set them aside while I prepare other dishes for the meal.

When it comes time to serve them, brush it with a little lard or butter and put them in a preheated 400 degree oven until they are warm ad soft nside and starting to get a bit toasty, golden brown on the outside.

Serve them up with your other dishes and you will have a authentic Puerto Rican meal.


                               VIVA LA PUERTO RICO!

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